Devonshire Pasties

My Devonshire-style pasties consist of short-crust dough filled with finely chopped raw ingredients: beefsteak, potatoes, rutabagas (swedes or turnips), and onions; the filling is mixed with a small amount of soft butter, salt and pepper; dough is crimped at the top, then pasties are baked at medium-high oven-temp for about an hour.
@M-J de Mesterton 2019
Courtesy of M-J de Mesterton
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M-J's Elegant Pan-Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Small potatoes (often called "fingerlings") are washed, put into a cast-iron pan with a little water and butter, covered, cooked until soft, then roasted uncovered until their skins are brown. 
©M-J de Mesterton 
If you have the time, pierce each potato so that it absorbs the salted cooking water. I like to add a little lemon juice to the pan, which imparts a pleasant flavour to the fingerling potatoes.
Fingerlings have been fully cooked and roasted in the butter that remains after the liquid has been absorbed and evaporated.
M-J's pan-roasted fingerling potatoes are perfect as an accompaniment to meat dishes or as an addition to salad.
Recipe Courtesy of M-J de Mesterton ©2019

Swedish Cinnamon Toast

Making Scandinavian Cinnamon Rusks at Home

In Scandinavia, "day-old bread" is sliced and moistened in milk and/or cream, then sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon before being slowly baked in a low-temperature oven. This is the simple formula; every Scandinavian who makes this traditional toast or “cinnamon rusks” has his or her own technique. Cinnamon toast is a popular accompaniment to coffee. Scandinavian coffee is typically brewed “strong” using light-to-medium roasted beans. My Swedish grandparents had this traditional combination of cinnamon toast (kanelskorpor) and coffee every morning, though they did not make it themselves as I do. I sometimes use home-made brioche loaf for this purpose, as it produces a very light cinnamon toast or kanelskorpor. Cinnamon is a health-promoting substance in many ways. Here is an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola on the health-benefits of CINNAMON.
©M-J de Mesterton

M-J's Chopped Power-Greens Salad with Boiled Eggs

Spinach, kale, watercress (rocket), purple onion, celery and chard were finely diced and dressed with classic vinaigrette. Two boiled eggs at a deep yellow stage of cooking (not quite hard-boiled) were cut into sections and distributed on top of the chopped vegetables, which had already been tossed with vinaigrette. For visually-appealing boiled eggs, I use the method favoured by chef Jacques Pepin: with a push-pin, poke a hole in the wider end of a raw egg in its shell before lowering it into a pot of water. I simmer the egg for eight minutes, then bathe it in ice-water. The pinhole in the egg will prevent the buildup of sulfur inside the egg and thus keep the yolk from turning green, and resting the boiled egg in cold water makes it much easier to peel. This chopped power-greens salad with two eggs is very nutritious; it can of course be made without the red onion, and naturally welcomes additional ingredients such as bacon bits or shredded cheese.
©M-J de Mesterton 2019

M-J's New Mexican Chile Almonds

M-J’s Roasted New Mexican Chile Almonds, © 2007

Soak one pound (16 ounces) of raw almonds in brine (I use health-promoting Himalayan salt) and red chile powder (New Mexican is the best), for at least an hour, preferably overnight. A teaspoon of sugar or honey added to the brine will ensure that the mixture adheres to the nuts. I like to use agave nectar when it is available. Drain the almonds and spread them out on a baking sheet. Reserve the chile/salt liquid. Roast in medium-hot oven for half an hour. Test for crunchiness only when completely cooled. If they are not tasty or crunchy enough for your taste, repeat the process by just dredging the almonds in the reserved liquid, then bake again for ten to twenty minutes, being careful not to burn the nuts. Almonds ought not to be eaten raw, as they contain a small amount of cyanide until they are roasted. These roasted nuts are an excellent party offering. Roasting the nuts this way is superior to coating them with oil, because your guests, even if they're not opposed to the stuff, won't welcome it all over their clothes.

Protect Your Blood Vessels & Overall Health with Hawthorn Berry Capsules

For effective heart-health nutrition, it's hard to beat hawthorn berries.

Used for centuries as an herbal cardiovascular tonic, hawthorn berries have antioxidant flavonoids with unique benefits for the heart and vascular system; they are available dried and ground for fast absorption in convenient capsule-form.

Be Inspired to Drink More Water with an Elegant Tumbler

Made in the U.S.A., these gorgeous, sturdy double-walled, insulated tumblers keep things  hot or cold, and ice-cubes intact for hours. Tervis products are called "tumblers" for good reason: they can be dropped on most surfaces without breaking. The lid, sometimes included with a tumbler, fits securely; its open-and-close aperture holds a straw in-place.
People are absolutely wild about Tervis, and I hear they have a store in Vegas on the Boulevard. 

Tervis cups or tumblers are guaranteed for life. They don't get scratched like other double-walled glasses, and if you drop them on the floor, the layers and rims don't crack. Drinking from Tervis is a smooth, elegant experience, one that will guarantee you get your daily dose of H20.
~~M-J de M., 2017

Hold Your Mexican Huevos Rancheros...

...In a Le Creuset Black Oval Dutch Oven-- How Elegant!

Components of a Traditional Kitchen

M-J's Organized Pantry or Kitchen Cupboard Uses Luminarc Glasses with Lids ~Made in France~ to Store Spices, Special Salts, Sugars and Nuts

Luminarc is the oldest brand currently sold by Arc, launched in 1948. Arc International is a French manufacturer and distributor of household goods. The company was established in Arques, Pas-de-Calais, where it is still headquartered, as a glass-making firm under the name Verrerie des Sept Ecluses in 1825.
A set of strong, elegant, simple, traditional French-made drinking glasses can be outfitted with lids for use as storage.

Make Your Own Pasta or Egg Noodles 

M-J's Walnut Tart Baked in a Springform Pan

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M-J's Classic, Traditional Viennoiseries

I've been baking my brioche in silicone moulds for seven years. They brown all over in these flexible, non-stick, easily-washed pans. My link is for the pan that creates 12 small brioches, but the company offers a six-hole pan for making  medium-sized brioche buns--they give a choice of small, medium & large. Here is my method for home-made brioche: M-J's Brioche Recipe