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Home Bar Essentials : Advice on Stocking Your Bar, from Gregory Dal Piaz

Christmas Tamales

Elegant Vegetable Soup with Miso

I used the poaching-liquid from a batch of chicken-breasts, a tablespoon of miso, home-grown beets, parsley, poblano peppers, carrots, celery and a packet of shirataki noodles made from soy to make this health-promoting soup. Following the example of French chefs through the ages, I did not let the liquid from poaching chicken go to waste. ©M-J de Mesterton The elegant vegetable soup is ready to serve.

Elegant Luncheon Dishes

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M-J's Elegant Green-Pea Soup

See Elegant Survival for M-J's Original Recipe Potage aux Petits Pois Printanière

Elegant, Nutritious Radishes

A most health-promoting vegetable, the refreshing, piquant radish is eaten in France (often at breakfast) with soft butter as a dip. The nutritious radish is a well-known liver-tonic. ©M-J de Mesterton

Elegant Home-Made Hamburgers

With home-made buns and a simple, fresh dressing. hamburgers can be an elegant gourmet part of your austerity regimen. M-J's recipe for home-made hamburger buns may be found on the Bread page at the Elegant Cook .

Elegant Home-Made Hamburger Buns

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