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Old-Fashioned Fancy Desserts

Non-Slip Cutting-Boards

Many of today's cutting-boards have silicone edges for a non-slip surface, which is important when you're slicing a dicing in the kitchen.

Beautiful Cookware of France

Hold Your Mexican Huevos Rancheros...

...In a Le Creuset Black Oval Dutch Oven-- How Elegant!

Components of a Traditional Kitchen

  M-J's Organized Pantry or Kitchen Cupboard Uses Luminarc Glasses with Lids ~Made in France~ to Store Spices, Special Salts, Sugars and Nuts Luminarc is the oldest brand currently sold by Arc, launched in 1948. Arc International is a French manufacturer and distributor of household goods. The company was established in Arques, Pas-de-Calais, where it is still headquartered, as a glass-making firm under the name Verrerie des Sept Ecluses in 1825. A set of strong, elegant, simple, traditional French-made drinking glasses can be outfitted with lids for use as storage. Make Your Own Pasta or Egg Noodles 

M-J's Walnut Tart Baked in a Springform Pan

A GREAT DEAL on Two Pounds of Excellent Chopped Walnuts! Visit Elegant Cook by M-J de Mesterton for Walnut Tart Recipe

M-J's Classic, Traditional Viennoiseries

I've been baking my brioche in silicone moulds for seven years. They brown all over in these flexible, non-stick, easily-washed pans. My link is for the pan that creates 12 small brioches, but the company offers a six-hole pan for making  medium-sized brioche buns--they give a choice of small, medium & large. Here is my method for home-made brioche: M-J's Brioche Recipe ~M-J~

Making Traditional Pita Bread at Home

This Is My Pizza Stone, Pictured Below in the Gas-Oven M-J de Mesterton’s Recipe for Pita Bread at With one simple recipe, three hours or less and a rectangular pizza-stone like mine, you can make eight ultra-versatile, classic pita loaves. It's rare to find a stone that covers a whole oven-rack; it has many applications including evening-out the heat in a gas oven, and baking crispy French bread.  See M-J’s recipe for making pita bread at

Deep-Fry Delicious Traditional Foods at Home

M-J's Health-Promoting, Deep-Fried Gyoza Gyoza skins were filled with health-promoting ingredients: purple cabbage, cooked adzuki beans, celery, carrot, red onion, cooked brown rice, chopped umeboshi plums and miso ; I sealed them with an egg-wash and then the gyoza dumplings were deep-fried in peanut oil and drained on paper towels. I served half of these and froze the rest (it’s the only way to keep them; storing these deep-fried pockets of finely minced vegetables, legumes and rice in the fridge will make them too soft). The frozen “gyozas” will be spread in a single layer and reheated in a hot oven. ©M-J de Mesterton 2017 M-J's Deep-Fried Tofu on a Bed of Lettuce I use my deep-fryer for various health-promoting foods, such as tofu and vegetable-filled dumplings. Occasionally, I'll use my food-processor to slice potatoes and deep-fry them into chips. My gyoza fillings, which vary week-to-week according to what I have in the refrigerator and pantry, alw

The Classic Percolator for a Perfect Cup of Coffee

An elegant stainless steel electric percolator can be unplugged and set on a tea-cart, or carried to table for dispensing refills. For those who love the way a French Press produces a cup of coffee, there is this superb stainless steel vessel: I use it with this lightning-fast water-boiler:

Traditional de Buyer French Crepe Pan

Wonderful Walnuts

M-J's Elegant Walnut Tart The Elegant Cook, by M-J de Mesterton