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Making Beef Pasties with Elegant Cook M-J de Mesterton

M-J's Viennoiseries

Brioche au Sucre Here's the European silicone pan in which I baked these brioche rolls: Freshware brand of silicone baking pans is available at Amazon.

So Long, Stevia!

It may not be so for everyone who consumes the natural sweetener stevia, but every time I use the stuff, I awaken at night with killing leg-cramp. I had stopped using the organic preparation last year for that reason, but decided to try it again during my post-Christmas dieting, hoping that a different brand would yield better results. Bingo, the cramps were simultaneously occurring in both legs! I did a little research yesterday morning, as the troglodyte on TV suggested, and found that many people experience this symptom and several others while using stevia. My legs were still sore (calves AND thighs). I recently turned 64 years of age, and am in great health. I bicycle, play tennis, and run up stairs many times daily, so there is no reason for the muscle-cramping. If I need to sweeten my coffee or tea now, I will use turbinado or muscovado sugar, and work-off the calories. Flirting with muscular malfunction is idiotic, so my latest bottle of stevia has been chucked onto the A